Welcome to the Hallowverse!

The Hallowerse is an expanding universe dripping with life, lore, and adventure. In this campaign, you’ll come face-to-face with classic D&D concepts mixed with unique and exciting homebrew experiences!

The approach for this campaign is explorative story-building, where you’ll be able to forge your character’s way to victory, glory, or infamy. You’ll start as a novice hallow looking to achieve ascension. To do so, you’ll have to journey beyond the your present circumstances to earn the blessing of a God and satisfy the needs of your homeland. In order to help you along, an entirely homebrew Divine Blessings System has been defined to help you plan out your journey and attain the desired blessings for your quest.

As you journey forth, you’ll meet many allies and foes alike, and you might find yourself in want of a way to document your progress. While much of this can be done in your character sheet, a unified approach to character notes and biography will be introduced through your own character page right here in the Hallowverse portal!

You will get your very own character page complete with any relevant biographical information, notes, and other documentation to help you stay organized. With the privacy feature, other players will not be able to access your character-specific notes, private documents, and other sensitive materials. This will be your space to build and maintain for future use throughout the campaign!